Don’t Be Afraid of Conflict

Over the past decade, I’ve produced a lot of business-focused video content. When it comes to what is captivating, there’s one consistent factor: conflict.

It sounds simple. And yet, so many videos get it wrong because companies are too hesitant to talk about obstacles. Rather than sincerely conveying the problems that the company responds to on a regular basis, they gloss over these issues for fear of being perceived as weak by their customers.

If a company doesn’t set up conflicts before addressing how their brand handles those issues, the content they’re producing ends up predictable, dry, and boring. If the stakes are low, the content risks resembling a laundry list of bland talking points: “We’re the best!” and “You should really work with us.” It’s immediately lost in the noise of an oversaturated market.

But, if a company instead 1) successively introduces problems, and then 2) passionately showcases how their team attacks those problems, the stories they tell are likely to be bold and unique to their brand.

The Nature of Storytelling

Stories need to be transformative. What makes a story transformative is when it solves a problem that exists because of conflict.

In order to effectively engage with your audience, you need to let your guard down. Explain what situations your company may be working against to deliver quality service. It might make you feel vulnerable to discuss hindrances, but it will ultimately make your solutions stronger and your company’s story more human.

So go ahead! Talk about industry problems, introduce conflict and then tell how you destroyed expectations. Trust us, you will deliver a killer story.