CES 2016: Video and Presentation Design

Consumer Electronics Show


CES™ is the premier technology event in the world. A gathering place for creators, marketers, sellers, and consumers of the most imaginative tech available, visitors to CES disappear into a world of innovation. Visual content for the event is a big part of the CES experience, and for the third year in a row Fifteen Four was asked to provide key content for the event.


  • 3D Animation
  • Live Action Video
  • Post-Production
  • Pre-Production
  • Presentation Design
  • Production
  • Script Writing

The Challenge

Create an engaging signature video that will be shown throughout the conference, along with a highly visual presentation deck for Consumer Technology Association (CTA™) President and CEO Gary Shapiro’s keynote address.

The Solution

Depart from the fast-cutting, voice-over driven approach of the previous two years’ videos by creating a wordless, emotive piece demonstrating the power of technology in our day-to-day lives. For the CEO presentation, dispense with text-heavy slides in favor of powerful images and tasteful animated elements.

The Results

The completed CES 2016™ video uses an original song selected by CTA as the backing track for a powerful 1-minute piece of filmmaking employing live action and animation. Playing to a huge, diverse audience, the video proved an essential piece of content for kicking off the conference and transitioning between speakers. The keynote speech by Gary Shapiro was perfectly supported by the presentation deck we created, accenting key points but never distracting from his address.

Presentation Deck

Working within a tight timeframe, we worked with Gary Shapiro’s team to build a complete understanding of key content before crafting a visual approach that would complement the material.

After agreeing that every slide should include animation, we combined a number of images to create a parallax effect. To ensure consistency, we developed a style of text animation that we could apply across the entire presentation.

Certain sections in the presentation required Live Action video, so we created short video vignettes that looped behind the presenter as he spoke, ensuring the video frames would never go static during his address.

The minimal text and content that we included in the slides were designed to provide a versatile backdrop against which Gary Shapiro could elaborate on his key points.

The resulting presentation was vibrant and stimulating – taking the audience on a visual journey that perfectly complemented the address.



Our concept: to show technology’s impact on people from the perspective of the user. Our goal was to capture the joy and wonder they experience as they use technology to connect with people and ideas.

The live action portion of production took place over two days in multiple locations. To stay on budget, we carefully planned our timing, framing, and production design, and used each location for several scenes. Our Director of Live Action was tasked with directing talent that ranged in age from 6 to 76, during day and night shoots (and shoots that simulated day or night).

The animation team was tasked with creating graphics that appear as if they were floating on a screen in front of the viewer. Not only do these complex graphics have to be created – they have to be composited into the shot to feel seamless with the live action footage.

The resulting video perfectly blended those animated graphics with live action footage to create a stirring minute of innovative filmmaking.


CES 2016 was widely hailed as a great success, with our content and design as a perfect complement to the speakers and events. With CES 2017 just around the corner, Fifteen Four has once again been asked to partner with CTA on a new set of innovative content for the show.

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